Why Us


People from a different country must have the chance to meet each other, learn and develop a friendship. They come together to enjoy a multitude of activities, and contribute to creating an environment of excellence, which foster achievement and success, our Nepaaus team creates this opportunity for you.

Our Nepaaus team is a group of dedicated members, who assists and monitors clients as soon as they arrive. Our care and support involve helping you adapt to life in a new country. Our team is committed to maintaining a high standard of duty of pastoral care for those who are away from home. 

· We are a registered migration agent in Australia, with an international presence and strategic alliance and vast network with different country’s visa systems.

· We know that getting desired outcomes for your future career is a challenging process; we can assist you in this process.

· We represent over several educational institutions for your further study needs, from high schools, colleges to universities worldwide from which you can choose the subjects and courses.

· We Lodge applications on behalf of students and migration clients for the courses and programs of their choice and eligibility.

· Our expert counselling can help you make the correct decision and choose the right migration pathways. 

· We conduct regular information sessions, expos, seminars on various institutions and migration programs.

· We arrange for students and clients to meet a representative to learn more about their programs and for admission inquiries.

· Ongoing assistance to students and migration clients who want to pursue further career-oriented programs.

· Nepaaus organised various social and cultural events where the students have the opportunity to participate in various activities, interact and socialite with each other for achieving better success.